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My coaching work has been built up through a variety of experiences over many years. The focus of my entire professional life so far has been creativity, letting go of the familiar and leaps into the new and unknown.

With this baggage in the background I will meet you and support you in your process.

In the coaching work we are accompanied by Joseph Beuys’ concept of art: “Every human being an artist” as well as “Art =Life= Creativity= Freedom”. We make art out of your problem, i.e. I consider your transformation, your problem solving as an artistic creative act. This does not require a canvas, nor 10 years of learning an instrument. Art is, as Beuys says, your very own creativity and can take as many forms as there are people. Your life design itself is your work of art. YOU YOURSELF ARE THE WORK OF ART. In Back Home I write about this in depth.

In the artistic field, I work on an idea that initially leads me through unlinear, sometimes chaotic processes. Borderline experiences are the order of the day, borderline transgressions as well. At the end there is a work, an opus, as alchemy calls the result of a long transformational process and as Arnold Mindell describes it in ” The Course of the River “1.

The Opus is the long path through the transformation to the new in you, which you were not aware of before or perhaps seemed impossible to you. These transformation processes accompany you back to yourself and your Opus is a work in progress, never ending, always new on the way back home.

In coaching I accompany you through the path of transformation to the Opus of your current process.I support you support you through shorter and longer transformational processes until you bring the new to earth, until it is visible and tangible, until it has become your very own Opus.

The coaching is for you and for the world, because when you transform yourself, the world around you changes with you.

For this work I have the long breath of the farmer I was for many years, the farmer who needs patience, nerves, joy in the living and humility in the work with and in nature. For this work I have the creativity of a musician and artist who is able to move beyond the mainstream and needs courage for her work. And last but not least, in the unique study of process work, I have acquired the trust in the wisdom of the process . This trust in the wisdom of process with the possibilities for deep change is my guiding principle as a coach and my inner navigator on my lifelong learning path.

Coaching is possible on my farm, in Bern, on Skype or zoom.

Are you artist, musician or teacher for art or music, looking for coaching ? Here

1 Arnold Mindell: Traumkörperarbeit Junfermann Paderborn 1993
River’s Way, 2011, Portland OR, Deep Democracy Exchange

Testimonial Process Work Magdalena Schatzmann

Coaching with Magdalena Schatzmann is very enriching and challenging. In her sessions she illuminates the aspects and energies of a topic as comprehensively as possible. This creates a feeling of depth for me and broadens my horizons on a practical and mental level. Her work is based on a view of humanity that is characterized by mindfulness and is not judgmental. The focus is on the process of expanding one’s own consciousness. In a subsequent step, solution-oriented approaches for private and professional life always emerge from this. Magdalena is an excellent listener and knows how to distill the essential sides of a conflict or a learning field as a valuable mirror.

Sandro Häsler, Interlaken

Musician, music school director and lecturer

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Facilitation in a process oriented way means following the Deep Democracy approach of paying attention to all voices, I facilitate a group to explore its collective process by meeting each other as roles belonging to all members of the group. This turns many things on their head: disruptions become solutions, conflicts lead clarifications of how we relate to each other. Central roles, attitudes, opinions and marginalized roles recognized by the group come into flux and are freed from their belonging to particular people. This path allows us fluidity, transforming our conflicts into new possibilities. This approach supports us when we want to move forward as a group and don’t yet know how, or when we are blocked by fierce conflict and can’t move forward. Hidden information comes to the surface, undefined moods clear up and the field with all its information is allowed to show itself in its wholeness.

My qualifications as a Coach and Facilitator

Study Unintentional Music with Lane Arye: Coaching and Facilitatioen for musicians , Completion 2003

Study in Coaching, Facilitation and Conflict Resolution:
Deep Democracy Institute, Diploma 2019

Certification in Power Intelligence with Julie Diamond

Leading Didactics methodology for piano students conservatory Bern
( today HKB)
Leading piano classes Music school Conservatory Bern
Music School in Berner Oberland
Private classes
Co-leading farm and Alp with volunteers and employees during 25 years

Co-leading Music School 2015 -2020

My workstyle: Following Nature
Essence, the force behind your process. You will find it in yourself and as a resonance outside in nature.

You can find me under contact. I am looking forward to your mail or call.

For more information about Processwork and Deep Democracy: Process Work/Deep Democracy

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